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19th-May-2010 05:05 pm(no subject)
please help me out by clicking these? feeding is rigged. thanks!

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18th-Apr-2010 01:07 am - the valenth link exchange is back up
hug, joy!, happy
It's under the 'adopt' dropdown.  that's all I've got, really.
6th-Apr-2010 05:51 pm(no subject)
Elizabeth Bennet

Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth

Please comment once you've fed her, I'll be able to help you back :)
5th-Apr-2010 03:57 pm(no subject)
[ST-V] -- KJ-CoffeeQuote

Thank you for clicking. ♥ Will be going through posts to click back through the day.
22nd-Dec-2009 08:53 pm(no subject)
sanzo avatar-on fire
Shinrins Valenths
Beware of the 500+ pets XD
20th-Dec-2009 11:31 pm - Sunday's Critters
Chris & Sofia
Sundays never feel long enough, since I have to work so horribly early on Mondays. Clicking and then bedtime. Have a good night, ya'll.

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19th-Dec-2009 11:40 pm(no subject)
[Sandman] Give me your heart
Any help is appreciated. ♥

Slight edit for coding failure, eep.

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19th-Dec-2009 10:59 pm - Saturday's Critters
Chris & Sofia
Another missed nap makes for a very tired me. Posting and then bed! Thanks for any clicks you can spare the creatures.

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18th-Dec-2009 11:04 pm - Friday's Critters
Chris & Sofia
Went out tonight, so I'm late posting. Thanks for any clicks you can spare my Valenths.

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18th-Oct-2009 02:27 am - Saturday
merchant, jewelry, sca, chainmail, calligraphy
Valenth isn't letting me feed anything that I've fed in the last several days, so here are some magistreams, instead.
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12th-Oct-2009 10:26 pm - Monday
merchant, jewelry, sca, chainmail, calligraphy
I haven't posted in a while. I got out of the habit while Valenth had the click exchange going.

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27th-Sep-2009 03:56 pm(no subject)
Long time, no post. My life has been too busy, sorry.

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19th-Sep-2009 03:15 pm - Leetles
dart frog
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I made the Leetle Sugar Glider, and it got accepted! Woohoo!!
5th-Sep-2009 07:36 pm - Saturday
merchant, jewelry, sca, chainmail, calligraphy
Hey look! She's alive! 8]

Since my valenth profile is still posting unclickable code, I'm putting everything into a LJ post. These are the ones I've got in so far:

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2nd-Sep-2009 10:28 pm - Wednesday
Me: Tish falling name
I'm a little disheartened, because of the fact for the last two days I've only gotten one or two clicks and generally one of those clicks are mine!

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